CIO Services

Strategic Guidance, Deep Technical Expertise Sized for Your Organization

Most small and mid-size businesses lack the resources necessary to manage full technology staffs, so let us. Enbrec provides the required resources, with the appropriate expertise to optimize your processes, infrastructure, systems and business intelligence on an as needed basis.

Enbrec’s approach starts with an organizational assessment from the perspective of an incoming CIO to determine the state of disciplines within the CIO’s scope of responsibility.

This process is broken into three phases:

Identifying organizational strengths, gaps and risks.

We connect with your people and organization:

  • Understand the needs and expectations of your leadership.
  • Understand your staff’s day to day process and their challenges.
  • Understand what your employees need from IT.
  • We analyze your processes, infrastructure and systems.
  • Review Documentation.
  • Walkthrough processes and systems.
  • Audit licensing and security.

Compare the findings of priorities to determine focus areas.

Organizational needs vary but typically fall into the following key areas:

  • Security / Liability
  • Licensing
  • Infrastructure
  • IT Governance and Oversight
  • Mission Critical Applications
  • Talent – Recruitment and Mentoring In-House Resources
  • Supper Services

Recommend options for improving the gaps and mitigating the risks.

As part fo the ongoing CIO services, we provide the following deliverables:

  • An Understanding of Your Business
  • As-Is / Current State Assessment
  • Gap / Opportunity Identification
  • Risk Analysis
  • Prioritization
  • Improvement Recommendations
  • Resolution Implementation
  • Change Management
  • Supplemental CIO Services


Support Technicians

Development Teams


Project Managers


Help/Support Desk

Process Improvement


Project Delivery


Operations Platform

Mobile Apps

Accounting Systems


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