Enbrec Oil and Gas Field Ticketing Software

Software to Simplify

Energy, Field Services, Construction

Do More with Less, Optimize Processes, Increase Profitability

  • Simplify your field services
  • Minimize your back-office burden.
  • Maximize revenue and cash flow.
  • Realize business and financial drivers.

Access Real-Time Data in the Field and Office with Enbrec Oil and Gas Ticketing Software

Optimize Field Ticket Operations with Enbrec’s All-In-One Management Platform

Enbrec provides a complete field service management solution that seamlessly connects your entire operation, from route planning to invoicing. Our mobile platform equips field techs with on-the-go access to needed data while automating back-office workflows.

By integrating scheduling, dispatching, field mobility, work order management, and business intelligence, Enbrec creates cohesion across your field service operation. Teams stay aligned while redundant manual processes are eliminated through automation.

With Enbrec, field businesses can:

  • Optimize technician schedules
  • Digitize work orders, forms, and reporting with mobile access in the field
  • Automate time tracking
  • Streamline payroll, accounting, compliance, and back-office workflows
  • Access real-time dashboards with data insights and analytics

The results are increased efficiency, higher job quality, improved customer satisfaction, and maximized cash flow. Enbrec provides a complete field service software solution to connect, optimize, and grow your business.

Enbrec empowers field personnel with on-demand access to critical job information through mobile devices. Crews can view schedules, customer details, asset histories, and more from the field.

Our platform also allows field teams to capture work details digitally in real time. Ticket forms, checklists, signatures, photos, and more are completed on-site and synced to the central system.

Captured field data seamlessly flows through your operation without repetitive manual entry. Work completed on-site auto-populates dispatch logs, payroll, invoices, analytics and more.

With Enbrec you gain:

  • Mobile capabilities for field teams to drive productivity
  • Real-time data from the field to optimize dispatching
  • Automated info sharing between the field and back-office
  • Accurate payroll, billing, and compliance using verified data
  • Data analytics for insights into field workforce and work trends

Cut out the pain of fragmented systems and siloed data. Enbrec connects your entire field operation with digital capabilities for the field and automation across the back office.


  • Mobile
  • Scheduling
  • Planning
  • Rule-based
  • Work Flow
  • Messaging
  • Configured Values
  • Industry Specific


  • Real-time Data
  • Resource Optimization
  • Knowledge Exchange
  • Accuracy
  • Efficiency
  • Communication
  • Minimize Data Entry
  • User Friendly

Enbrec’s e-ticketing solution revolutionizes reporting for oil and gas field service teams. Our intuitive online software lets technicians digitally capture critical job details, attach photos or videos, and submit tickets in real time – no paperwork or manual data entry is required.

Hosted securely in the cloud, Enbrec simplifies implementation for companies of all sizes. There’s no need for complex IT infrastructure or specialized skills. We handle all system updates and maintenance behind the scenes so you can focus on operations.

Enbrec integrates seamlessly with your other field solutions for dispatching, scheduling, and invoicing. Data flows freely to give you an integrated view of fieldwork. Customizable ticket forms let you configure Enbrec to match your unique business needs as they evolve.

Empower your technicians with digital capabilities that streamline reporting. Eliminate frustrations and delays caused by paper ticketing or scattered systems that lack cohesion.

Discover Enbrec – Field Service, your ultimate solution to cutting costs, supercharging efficiency, and unlocking invaluable business insights. With its customizable nature, Endeavor™ fits perfectly into various industries like Energy, Field Services, and Construction.

Picture this: Enbrec – Field Service, captures data right where the action happens, seamlessly connecting field tasks, back-office tasks, and external systems using one unified dataset. It’s your recipe for excellence, ensuring top-notch quality, financial compliance, regulatory adherence, and customer satisfaction.

Don’t miss out on the chance to boost your profits, gain crystal-clear visibility, optimize your processes, and finally master your business like never before. Embrace Enbrec – Field Service, today and embrace success!

Field Ticketing and Invoicing

We make it easy for field technicians to provide the information needed so nothing is forgotten when it is time to invoice.

Customer Management

Our system shortens the time it takes to prepare an invoice; most of our customers can invoice the same day services are performed. Our tools make it easy to comply with complex customer invoicing requirements.

Actionable Intelligence

Endeavor helps your team squeeze time and cost out of their daily administrative processes, allowing them to focus their energies on what they do best.

Reduced Billing Cycles

With reduced internal billing cycles and shorter DSO, our clients require far less capital outlay to finance their operations and receivables.

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